One thought on “U.S. Gets ‘Abysmal’ Grade on Pretrial Justice

  1. This report is a complete joke and simply a sales and propaganda piece for the Pretrial Justice Institute. Since the two primary purpose of pretrial release are public safety and appearance at trial, wouldn’t it make more sense to rate the effectiveness of a states pretrial system on how well it gets defendants back to court and how well it protects the public? Instead PJI feels that the most important criteria are whether or not a state uses risk assessments and has a pretrial services program…regardless if either actually work well. If you ask me, it seems like this report is more of a report on PJI’s inability to mislead more states into adopting their soft on crime ineffective methods of supervising pretrial defendants. This should be a wake-up call to every judicial and legislative official across the country. PJI does not advocate for an effective pretrial process, but rather for their pretrial process. Bail Reform does not equal Criminal Justice Reform. By focusing on the term “Bail Reform” and avoiding the real problems in our criminal justice system, PJI is simply advocating for ways to expand its reach and funding at the expense of public safety and the rights of victims. Pretrial release success should never be measured based on how many defendants are let out of jail, but rather by how many show up to have their day in court.

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