3 thoughts on “Why Community Corrections Systems Fail

  1. Georgia is the leading state for people under some form of probation or parole. This model is not sustainable our department of community supervision does not have the funding or resources to properly manage the tens of thousands of people that they supervise. Add to that the overcrowded jails and overburdened court system. This is a for a recipe for disaster.

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  3. The “probationary sentence,” as well as “Community Corrections,” are nothing but a one-way ticket to actual incarceration in prison. The Probation Officers and Community Corrections Officers have the attitude their job is to “violate” people and get them sent off to prison “where they belong.” Unless this attitude changes to one of “helping the probationer/Community Corrections inmate to stay OUT of prison,” nothing is going to change. Parole Officers are, for the most part, the same way…their attitude is “how can I violate this man and send him back to prison.” They actually have contests to see which P. O. can violate the most people each month…which shows exactly what their attitude is. I have seen men sent back to prison for doing nothing more than changing apartments within the same apartment complex “without permission,” and end up serving YEARS in prison due to this kind of idiocy. The “system” is broken, and needs to be revamped from the top down, and staffed with people who understand it is their job to actually HELP people stay OUT of prison, rather than coming up with ways to send them TO prison.

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