Survey: Most British Cops Don’t Like Their Jobs

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Morale is low among three in every five police officers, a survey by the body representing rank-and-file officers in England and Wales suggests. The BBC reports that the Police Federation poll suggested that the treatment of officers, wages and work-life balance were having the biggest impact on morale. The national survey, which a quarter of police officers responded to, showed that 72 percent were unhappy with their pay and 60 percent were suffering from low morale.

Morale was found to be lowest among the police forces of Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire and the West Midlands. Forces least likely to feel demoralized were Wiltshire, Warwickshire and Devon and Cornwall. Greater Manchester’s Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said major events such as the Manchester Arena bombing, combined with a cut of 2,000 officers since 2010, has taken its toll on morale. He highlighted research by the London School of Economics that said Greater Manchester was the most challenging place in England and Wales to police. Hopkins said increased scrutiny and bureaucracy have also created additional pressure on police.

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