Milwaukee Tries Public Health Approach Against Violence

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A stop-the-violence meeting Saturday at a Milwaukee church focused on the “blueprint for peace” goals outlined by the Office of Violence Prevention in the city’s Health Department, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The blueprint takes a public health approach, looking at causes of violence and modeling strategies used in other cities. It is organized around six goals: stop the shooting; promote healing and restorative justice; support children, youth and families; promote economic opportunity; foster safe and strong neighborhoods; and strengthen the coordination of violence prevention efforts. For now, it’s a 90-page plan with a lot of data and background, said Reggie Moore, director of the Office of Violence Prevention.

But the plan’s 29 strategies will require community involvement to be successful. Think of the blueprint as a construction project, Moore told the 50 or so people at the meeting. “The blueprint describes what the building should look like. But you are the electricians, plumbers and other technicians actually doing the work. Our role, as a general contractor, is to make sure we have the materials, the resources, everything needed to actually build the reality we want to see in this city,” Moore said.

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