Anti-Trump Website Fights DOJ Demands for IP Info

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The U.S. Justice Department is ordering a web-hosting provider to turn over the IP addresses of people who visited a website organizing protests against President Trump’s inauguration, the company claims. DreamHost, which hosts the resistance website, is fighting the DOJ’s search warrant demanding it hand over “every piece of information it has about every visitor”, according to a blog post on the company’s website, the New York Daily News reports.

Citing a Washington, D.C., law regarding rioting or inciting to riot, the purported search warrant encompasses 1.3 million IP addresses, along with the contact information, email content, and photos of thousands of visitors, the blog post states. “That information could be used to identify any individuals who used this site to exercise and express political speech protected under the Constitution’s First Amendment,” the company says. “This is, in our opinion, a strong example of investigatory overreach and a clear abuse of government authority.” A week after the inauguration, DreamHost received a grand jury subpoena forcing the company to turn over information about the person who registered the Disruptj20 website.

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