The American Prosecutor: The Next Champion of Reform?

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Photo by Rae Allen via Flickr

Prosecutors can play the critical role in reforming the justice system—if they’re willing to go beyond their traditional roles as tough law enforcers. In a TCR special report, two former prosecutors explain how that can happen.

Meg Reiss

Meg Reiss, Executive Director of the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, argues in a Viewpoint column that jurisdictions around the nation, such as New York City and Cincinnatti, have been able to simultaneously reduce both crime and arrests—proving, she writes,  “that criminal justice reform does not come at a cost to public safety. ”

Dylan Hayre

In a companion piece, reprinted with the permission of Cognoscenti, former Boston prosecutor Dylan Hayre, says prosecutors need to recognize the often harmful impact they have had.  He calls for a new dialogue with defense attorneys and other players on the front lines of the system to ensure “truth, procedural fairness and proportionality.”

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