NYPD Bulletproof Vests End Up in Criminal Hands

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New York City halted a tactical gear supplier’s contract when the police department learned that its old bulletproof vests were ending up in the hands of criminals, the New York Daily News reports. The city terminated the contract with New Hampshire-based Body Armor Outlet in April after officials discovered two vests that once protected New York officers were being worn by suspects at the time of their arrests. Body Armor had a $20,000 contract with the city to dispose of old police vests. The firm was supposed to destroy the used ballistic vests or have them “recycled in a manner that prevents illicit use,” according to the contract.

Body Armor instead resold some of the vests on eBay, including the ones recovered in the arrests. City investigators met with Body Armor, which offered to stop reselling vests and follow any disposal guidelines the police department wanted.

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