CA UPS Employee Kills Three Co-Workers

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San Francisco police were digging into the past of a United Parcel Service employee as they tried to figure out why he allegedly killed three co-workers at a company distribution center before shooting himself to death yesterday, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Police identified the shooter as Jimmy Lam, 38, of San Francisco. They seized Lam’s BMW, which was parked near the shooting scene, and raided his home, where neighbors said he mostly kept to himself. A union official said Lam had filed a grievance complaining that he was working excessive overtime, the Associated Press reports.

“I’m a little creeped out,” said Jennifer Plog, who lives next door to Lam’s home and said he had appeared harmless. “It’s creepy knowing that people next door have the ability to have guns and shoot people they work with. It makes me feel unsafe.” According to court records, Lam’s only brushes with the law involved driving. In 2010, he was convicted of driving under the influence and was placed on probation after San Francisco police said he crashed into parked vehicles. He allegedly had neither a valid license nor insurance. Three years later, city prosecutors filed a motion to revoke his probation when he was arrested again for driving under the influence.

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