Prosecutor Ousts Las Vegas Judge In Nasty Race

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A longtime prosecutor won a seat yesterday on the Las Vegas Municipal Court, knocking off the incumbent after a race that turned unusual and contentious a few days before the election, reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Cara Campbell, a Clark County chief deputy district attorney and first-time candidate for public office, had collected 52.68 percent of the vote as of 9 p.m. Heidi Almase, who sought her second six-year term, earned 47.32 percent of votes, a difference of 5.72 percentage points. The two were separated by 1,278 votes.

A pair of decisions last week may have cost Almase re-election. Last week, she posted a doctored photo that appeared to show her standing shoulder to shoulder with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson next to an endorsement. The next day, she delivered a mailer that drew widespread criticism from defense attorneys. The flyer, which contained an image of a man’s hand over the mouth of a young girl, questioned how Campbell could be an impartial judge, “when she is married to an attorney who keeps criminals on the streets?” Campbell’s husband is Josh Tomsheck, a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. Almase, who kept the name of her ex-husband, criminal defense attorney Cesar Almase, later fired her campaign manager.

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