Trump Orders Federal Cybersecurity Overhaul

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Twenty-one days past its self-imposed deadline, the Trump administration ordered a cybersecurity overhaul that mandates broad reviews of the nation’s cyber vulnerabilities and gives the military greater responsibility for the safety of computer networks, McClatchy Newspapers reports. President Trump’s long-delayed order will force 190 federal agencies to ditch outdated computer systems and migrate toward one centralized network, with much data and processing in the “cloud,” through shared digital access. The administration didn’t estimate how much the move will cost, but a senior adviser to Trump, Tom Bossert, noted that the Department of Homeland Security alone has $819 million budgeted for cybersecurity in 2018 and that $1.5 billion has been budgeted across all departments for protecting cyberspace.

Bossert said foreign hackers increasingly besieged the U.S. government, private businesses and individual internet users, and that a greater role for the federal government in ensuring security was necessary. “The trend is going in the wrong direction in cyberspace,” said Bossert, Trump’s assistant for homeland security and counterterrorism. “Sitting by and doing nothing is no longer an option.” “It’s absolutely positive,” said Brian Laing of Lastline, a Redwood Shores, Ca., cybersecurity company. “Having something like this come down from the presidency, it really is a sign that the government is behind this.”


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