Trial Opens in Tulsa Officer’s Fatal Shooting of Man

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The interaction between Terence Crutcher and Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby in the middle of a road last September didn’t last long, “It was just a couple of minutes,” Kevin Gray, Tulsa County assistant district attorney, told a jury yesterday, The Frontier reports. The evidence over the next couple of weeks will surround that moment. Gray told jurors that it would become clear that Shelby acted emotionally when she shot Crutcher, who was unarmed, and got special treatment afterwards because she was a police officer. Defense attorney Shannon McMurray said Shelby reacted according to her training and the only person who acted emotionally was the district attorney who charged her, Steve Kunzweiler.

The jury of nine women — two whom are black — and three men, heard from six witnesses and saw videos of Crutcher being shot and killed. The six witnesses were all Tulsa police officers who were on the scene with Shelby both during and after she fatally shot Crutcher. The helicopter pilot who said Crutcher looked like “a bad dude” based that comment on how Crutcher was acting in the situation, not his appearance, the pilot testified. Video recorded from a police helicopter shows Crutcher with his hands in the air, and Shelby, with her gun drawn, slowly walk toward Crutcher’s stalled SUV.


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