Trump Moving Fast On Federal Court Nominees

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The White House today will announce ten of President Trump’s nominees for the federal courts, making a faster move on changing the face of the judiciary than any new president in the past quarter century, reports BuzzFeed News. Trump’s list include five nominees for federal appeals courts: two state supreme court justices who were on Trump’s list of U.S. Supreme Court contenders, one law professor, and two lawyers from private practice. The White House also will announce four nominees for the federal district courts and one for the Court of Federal Claims, which hears civil lawsuits against the federal government.

There are 129 open seats on the federal courts — making up about 14 percent of lower court judgeships — and 21 upcoming vacancies have already been announced. Trump’s move marks the administration’s first attempt at making a sizable dent in the large number of vacancies across the federal judiciary. It was the end of July in President Obama’s first year in office before he had announced a dozen judicial nominees.  Two appeals court nominees set to be announced were on Trump’s high court list: Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen, who will also be nominated for the 6th Circuit, and Minnesota Supreme Court Justice David Stras, who will be nominated for the 8th Circuit. Kevin Newsom, a private practice lawyer in Alabama and the state’s former solicitor general, is to be nominated for the 11th Circuit; John Bush, a private practice lawyer in Kentucky, for the 6th Circuit; and Amy Coney Barrett, a University of Notre Dame law professor, for the 7th Circuit.

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