After UT Campus Stabbing, TX Lawmakers to Legalize Knives

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Four days after a student was stabbed to death and three others were injured at the University of Texas, the Texas House is set Friday to debate and vote on a bill that would remove knives from the list of illegal weapons in state law, reports the Austin American-Statesman. The timing is unfortunate, but it is not expected to delay consideration of House Bill 1935, said the bill’s author, Rep. John Frullo, R-Lubbock. “It is definitely unfortunate what happened at UT, and our hearts go out to those folks at the university,” Frullo said. He expects the bill to be amended to extend additional protections to college campuses and other areas.

The legislation, which has three Republicans and three Democrats as co-authors, would remove a section of state law that defines illegal knives as those with a blade longer than 5½ inches, daggers, Bowie knives and knives designed to be thrown, as well as spears and swords. The bill also would remove knives from the list of weapons that it is illegal to sell or provide to those younger than age 18 and would give public schools the discretion to expel students who bring a knife to school or a school event.

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