Shrill New NRA Campaign: Hunters Must Prepare for War

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The National Rifle Association has a new message for its oldest constituency: it’s time to go to war, reports The Trace. The gun group is rolling out a new ad campaign geared toward hunters, a segment of firearm owners whose concerns have been eclipsed as the NRA transformed into a political powerhouse and threw its weight behind fights over self-defense and access to weapons. The NRA is deploying its favorite tactic: It is trying to scare them. “To save hunting, you must understand the terms of the battle,” a landing page for the campaign reads. “Because the animal rights extremists fighting to destroy hunting have an even more destructive goal: the systematic diminishment of humanity itself.”

The ad campaign consists of 10 videos paired with essays, featuring appearances and bylines by notable hunters and outdoorsmen like David Draper, a well-known writer for Field & Stream magazine. Put together, the package paints a picture of a world where hunting is under threat by animal rights activists. These activists want to “suppress your most natural connection to the earth,” the narrator in one video states, and “ignore that death is life’s unwavering partner.” At the end of each video, the voiceover implores listeners to “trust the hunter in your blood.”

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