6 thoughts on “Why Kids are Incarceration’s “Collateral” Victims

  1. And on top of that, the inmates are placed far away from family residence, and they don’t care anymore, it used to be where they were put close to home, now it doesn’t matter to most DOC’s. So the kids can rarely even visit their parent. Nobody can easily drive 2 – 8 hours there and again going back! Time, money, transportation, and a rough trip to endure for kids! This is what really ticks people off and truly affects kids too! What is wrong with these “higher up” decision makers?? Always have to punish the families in a sense one way or another…..the list is too long to put out!!

    • I fully agree with you, and now that my grand daughters are getting into their teens the resentment towards their father has become greater, They don’t get to see him nor do they want to talk to him behind bars, caused then to cry the time they did get to see him., he is over 12 hrs away from them now

  2. This article was more veered toward healthy eating versus not, and of course they can’t sleep as well. It takes more work from a single parent sometimes. I agree, the distance is a problem, and so are some of the policy’s. Sex offenders often cannot see their kids, the nonviolent kinds, but when Mom visits, other peoples kids are allowed contact visits while children are in the same room. Something has to change here. The children are being victimized as opposed to being helped.

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  4. I am a mom with son in Michigan prison system. He left 3 kids ..My grand babies the oldest girl having problems .No contact other than few times on phone. Could really use some help resources for these kids and myself .Were in Michigan

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