3 thoughts on “Why Closing the Forensic Commission Hurts Crime Victims

  1. This decision by Sessions seems to go along with the idea that our national government is not interested in science or scientific truth. The March for Science was very needed today.

  2. While I cannot argue with some of the comments here I must add that in my opinion, as a life time active member and retired fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS), the loss of this committee is not as big of a loss as one might believe. As you can see from the included link (https://news.aafs.org/presidents-message/message-from-the-aafs-president-may-2017), AG Sessions is concerned about the quality and status of forensic science and has reached out to the AAFS, and I am sure others, for their input.
    Thank you, Jim Adcock, PhD

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