Cutting Bail Costs in Half ‘Could Save Billions’

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Photo by Shay Sowden via Flickr

On any given day, there are about 450,000 people in jail who haven't been convicted of anything--at an estimated cost to taxpayers of $38 million a day. These men and women sit in jail because they don't have the money to get out. It's time to change the system.
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3 thoughts on “Cutting Bail Costs in Half ‘Could Save Billions’

  1. This is such a fabricated twist of reality. Bail Reform will not save milions it’ll cost us millions. Judges already have the ability to let defendants out on whats called OR. Thats free to the defendant.

    Now with bail reform theyre gonna need to pay for salaries, pensions, recovery, and so many more things.

    65% of people arrested are guilty. Which lets us know, these people committed crimes. the remaining 35% doesnt mean they arent guilty it means the prosecution just doesnt have the evidence to convict.

    Private bail keeps the load off of tax payers. You bring in bail reform and now it’ll cost US the tax payers millions.

    Say no to bail reform!

  2. More of the same fantasy. NO ONE sits in jail because they can’t pay $150.00. They are in jail because the most recent reason they were arrested has a $150.00 bail. The real reason they are in jail is because behind that $150.00 bail there are multiple failure to appear warrants with additional bails making him/her a high risk defendant. Lets be honest if you are a reasonable person borrowing or getting $150.00 to get out of jail from a mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, neighbor, friend, church, bartender, etc is not an issue; unless you have burned every bridge you ever crossed. A good way of deciding a defendants risk is who will lend him/her the $150 or co-sign for them. If nobody will that is very very telling. By the way… why not eliminate fines paid to governments, and eliminate public defender fees as well, this will surely get people out of jail faster as well.

  3. Actually $150 stops people from bonding out every day. Bail money comes from friends and family and most times one person can’t come up with all the money. The more people the inmate can contact the better. But most people can only remember a few phone numbers without their cell phone. You wanna fix the bail system? Install a better arrest notification system.

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