2 thoughts on “New Trump Travel Ban Faces Array of Legal Tests Today

  1. All individual nations/cultures since biblical times, had immigration rules for foreigners entering their land. Sojourners like Abraham was required to adhere to customs of other cultures. To protect his wife Sarah in Egypt, Abraham called her his “sister” at one point, (for Sarah was very beautiful). God in His infinite wisdom divided the nations, with individual customs and languages for His Divine Purposes we cannot fully understand. Also, Human beings cannot function without boundaries in general…Adam and Eve although perfect and meant to live forever …still had boundaries….”Ye shall not eat of the fruit in the mist of the garden.. The tree of knowledge of good and evil”… When Adam and Eve sinned…God cast them out of the garden….and as such, all of us born since into this world are born corrupted and fallen…God’s grace…gave us further boundaries in the TEN Commandments and Mosaic Law.but fulfilled in the shedding of blood of our precious Saviour the Lord Jesus. All who receive Him as Savior has eternal life and forgiveness of all sin. And will live in heaven with No More boundaries

  2. Joan, Are you saying that God wants us to ban certain religions in the United States? Are those that persecute Christians justified? Paul, the Roman Apostle, traveled extensively from Rome and through the Middle East. Because he was a citizen of Rome he had special privileges. Jews and Christians did not have those rights. Of course, we know what they did to the followers of Jesus in Rome. We are not Caesar’s servants. We are God’s children. How can we be witnesses of Jesus’s love when we reject those who are different from us? He did not want us to have a spirit of fear. When we isolate ourselves out of fear and hate we are followers of Satan not Jesus.

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