Houston’s Harris County Has Most U.S. Exonerations

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The county tests evidence seized from drug defendants even after they enter guilty pleas. When the supposed drugs they possessed were tested, in many cases no illegal drugs were found. Study also finds that innocent black people are about 12 times more likely to be convicted of drug crimes than are innocent white people.
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One thought on “Houston’s Harris County Has Most U.S. Exonerations

  1. Massachusetts has 2 known drug lab scandals and has yet to investigate Ayer Ma PD officers RN wives altering medical records with visible perjury by Kerry Krasinskas my RN. Read her husbands denial to WPD on Mass.gov. Richard Krasinskas was deemed a liability behind the wheel with poor judgement and attendance issues. Also double dipped but not charged.
    Mass DMH “lost” my complaint and didn’t know where to send. Public corruption still alive and well in Mass.

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