2 thoughts on “CO Revising Sex Offender Law That Critics Say Goes Too Far

  1. With regards to the new sex offender guidelines, it is the cruelest of actions to deny ANY sex offender who DOES NOT have a history of molesting his or her own children the GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to be a parent to the child and to be involved with every aspect of their child’s life. Anyone who thinks it’s ok to break up a tight-knit family over an irrational fear of what MIGHT happen is sicker in the mind than any sex offender could ever possibly be. You’re not only torturing the offender, but also an innocent child that only knows they love and want their mom or dad. Shame on all who oppose parental rights for sex offenders who have never harmed a hair on their child’s head.

    • If you are going to invoke God in this argument you might want to check and see what scripture says about a person, much less a sex offender, who harms children. In short, they wouldn’t be around to raise their own children. Scripture states that anyone who would harm a child (the least of these) will wish they were dead. The right to parent is not sacrosanct. Parents lose custody over their children all of the time for irresponsible behavior. Why in the world would someone who sees fit to sexually violate another person’s child be regarded as possessing the appropriate values, wisdom, and morals to raise anyone. What a horrible realization for that child when they grow up. What manner of shame will they be subjected to because of their association with that person? They might wind up living with the fear of becoming the same. Perhaps they will be taught the same distorted but subtle rationalizations that allowed the sex offender to violate someone else’s child. Just because you can have kids doesn’t mean you should.

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