Prediction: Sessions Will Cut “All Forms of Immigration”

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For President Trump’s advisers Stephen Bannon and Stephen Miller, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions — longtime allies — immigration has been “a galvanizing issue, lying at the center of their apparent vision for reshaping the United States by tethering it to its European and Christian origins,”  says the New York Times Magazine. Bannon and Sessions have effectively presented changing U.S. demographics — the rising number of minority and foreign-born residents — as the nation’s chief internal threat. In the magazine’s view, Trump’s “vision of the nation besieged provides clear justification for policies that will advance Sessions, Bannon and Miller’s divisive nationalism.”

In this view, the president’s early executive orders on immigration uses a theory of “impending catastrophe” that “grants the president broad powers, and those powers are used broadly.” It is through the Justice Department that the administration is likely to advance its nationalist plans, to strengthen the grip of law enforcement, raise barriers to voting and significantly reduce all forms of immigration, the Times says. The magazine outlines how, “Invoking Trump’s nightmare vision of America as beset by lawlessness, the department can unbind the hands of law-enforcement agencies around the country.” On issues like immigration and voting rights, with public perceptions influenced by  It suggests that under Sessions, DOJ “can both feed the narrative of crime and react to it, through heightened investigations and prosecutions. A civil rights system built up to protect the minority from the majority could quickly turn into the reverse.”

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