Trump Immigration Acts To Expand Non-Judge Deportations

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The new federal memos on implementing President Trump’s orders on immigration enforcement call for a massive increase in the number of immigration agents and the deputizing of local and state law enforcement — described as a “force multiplier. ” The memos dramatically expand the range of people who can be deported without seeing a judge, reports The Intercept. “I see now what the plan is,” Greg Siskind, a Tennessee-based immigration attorney and member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association board. “Their plan is basically to have everybody thrown out of the country without ever going to court.” Other immigration attorneys and legal experts shared that concern, describing elements of the Department of Homeland Security directives and the executive orders they reflect as “horrifying,” “stunning,” and “inhumane.”

“This is the broadest, most widespread change I have seen in doing this work for more than two decades,” Lee Gelernt of the ACLU’s national Immigrants’ Rights Project, told The Intercept. “After 9/11 we saw some extreme policies, but they were largely confined to particular areas around the relationship between immigration and national security. Here what we’re seeing are those types of policies but also much broader policies just dealing with immigration generally.” Cleveland immigration lawyer David Leopold said he was “absolutely shocked at the mean-spiritedness of this.” Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), ranking member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said the memos show the Trump administration is “dead set on creating a massive deportation force and labeling anyone undocumented for expedited removal just to boost deportation numbers.” John Sandweg, a former lawyer at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said, “A lot of this is designed to put up numbers — but in doing so, you diminish the impact on public safety.”

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