One thought on “Criminal Justice News Coverage in 2016

  1. Thanks Ted for your excellent Special Report—Part One—on CJ News Coverage in 2016.

    I have one addition to make concerning the largely ignored media coverage of prosecutions. I am referring to the absence of media coverage of the absence of prosecution of Wall Street securities frauds that have continued unabated post the financial implosion of 2008. I am specifically referring to the spreading of immunity for those financial crimes and to the enormous use of prosecutorial discretion not to indict. Instead, the policy of Too Big to Jail to these financial offenders has become the order of the day vis-à-vis the usage of deferred prosecution and nonprosecution agreements that result in billion dollar fines paid by investors rather than the banks, etc. In the process, lawlessness has trumped the rule of law as former prosecutors and regulators argue in a new book, “The Case for the Corporate Death Penalty: Restoring Law and Order on Wall Street (2017).

    Gregg Barak

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