Patriotic or Political Hit? Flynn Slant Depends on News Prism

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In the hours since Michael T. Flynn resigned as national security adviser late Monday, two narratives have emerged, reports the New York Times. One, embraced by many in the traditional legacy media, centered on what Flynn had done that led to his resignation: discussed sanctions against Russia in a conversation with the Russian ambassador, and then misled Vice President Mike Pence about it. The other, which developed among the more right-leaning news media, focused on the leaks from Washington that had put pressure on Flynn to step aside, and whether these leaks were intended to damage President Trump.

One narrative holds Flynn, and others who knew about his discussions, accountable. The other portrays Flynn more as a victim. (On Wednesday morning, Trump jumped into the fray with a series of tweets condemning the leaks.) The rift between the mainstream media and more partisan news organizations has grown starker in the nearly four weeks since Trump took office, reflecting a widening political and ideological rift. The growing division means that some readers are getting their news through an ever-narrowing prism.

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