Analysis Finds Recidivism Rare for Those on PA Sex Registry

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Photo by Michael Coghlan via Flickr

A newspaper found that just 15 defendants in more than 450 sex crime cases prosecuted in five central Pennsylvania counties in 2016 were on a sex crime registry at the time of the offense. A prosecutor says the rarity of recidivism may indicate that registries are working.
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One thought on “Analysis Finds Recidivism Rare for Those on PA Sex Registry

  1. If you were to check the re-offense rate for sex crimes you may be surprised to see that they haven’t changed since the laws that were imposed (about 3%). Sex offenses almost always are committed by a friend of the family that is not on the extremely expensive directory. You’re paying for it and it doesn’t work but the people running it are building careers on it. I say get rid or them and put the money into prevention and education.

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