S.F. Sues Gun Suppliers Over High-Capacity Magazines

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San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera sued five gun suppliers yesterday, alleging they broke a state law banning the sale of high-capacity magazines by selling them in pieces and falsely marketing them as “repair kits,” reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The suit appears to be the opening of what could be a protracted legal fight over California gun-control measures, which are among the most restrictive in the nation. The National Rifle Association and the California Rifle & Pistol Association are expected to file a lawsuit next week challenging the laws.

Herrera’s lawsuit alleges that the repair kits are a blatant attempt to circumvent the state’s gun control laws, both those already in effect and those that will take effect over the next couple of years. “These kits are not individual magazine parts to replace, say, a worn-out spring or a cracked baseplate in a lawfully possessed magazine,” the lawsuit says. “Purchasers can readily assemble the parts into brand-new, fully functional large-capacity magazines.” The lawsuit alleges the companies specifically target their sales to California residents, “directly violating California’s ban on these kits” and “aiding and abetting the illegal purchase, importation and manufacture of these kits by California consumers.” The defendants, not among major gun manufacturers, are Badger Mountain Supply of Washington state, 7.62 Precision of Alaska, Shooters Plus of Mississippi, LAK Supply of Wyoming and BuyMilsurp.com of Florida.


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