Changing the “Culture of Policing”—One Recruit at a Time

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Photo by Adrian Owen via Flickr

The New York Police Department’s new approach to training is embodied in a $950 million facility that includes a gym and Olympic-sized pool. Will it become a model for the nation? TCR launches a special series profiling the new generation of cops who the NYPD hopes will change the face of policing in New York.
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2 thoughts on “Changing the “Culture of Policing”—One Recruit at a Time

  1. The biggest problem with this article is the author’s suggestion, that the engagement with Garner was racial. The sergeant on the scene was a black female which is rarely mentioned in reporting.

    Also rarely mentioned, what would have been the result if Garner had simply complied with the reasonable, lawful and legal demands of the cops?

    • The story has been updated to make clear that one of the officers involved in the Garner incident was African-American—Editors

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