Why Cracking Down on Sex Sites Won’t Stop Traffickers

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Photo by edkohler via Flickr

California’s suit against the owners of Backpage.com is the latest example of attempts to go after sites that provide cover for sex traffickers. But eliminating them from the Web will make it more difficult for authorities to track exploiters of women and minors.
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6 thoughts on “Why Cracking Down on Sex Sites Won’t Stop Traffickers

  1. All my buisness was from backpage
    Thanks alot I’m well short on money now
    I think it was a great way to advertise
    So I’m VERY DISSAPOINTED about the adult entertainment section being removed!!!

  2. How it will stop traffickers is bull
    Sex trafficking did not start from the online advertising of adult entertainment
    It has been going on for centuries
    Law enforcement need to do a better job on the crackdown of sex traffickers .
    My opinion is this won’t make a difference

  3. The real crime here is the government censorship of information, which is what backpage provides. What individual citizens choose to do with that information, is not the governments business, as long as those choices are compatible with the values of the consenting individuals involved. Any organization or government agency that may have members who believe they are morally superior to those consenting individuals utilizing the information provided by backpage do not have the right to impose their values on those consenting individuals. The governments effort to legistrate morality is as effective as the governments ability to legistrate or censor the weather.

  4. Im so glad they shut down backpage because I put an ad up and somehow someone else flags it and than backpage removes your ad and they wont refund your money which is not fair!
    If backpage dont want you ad up in the first place than they shouldnt take your money!!!!!!!!!

    Keep it shut down because I make alot of money from prostituting without using backpage anyways!
    So it is what it!!!😎😎😎☺

  5. It’s a disappointment that they removed Backpage. A nice way of meeting people I believe that people who have had their page removed community removed if it has been removed six times then your page should be removed permanently.

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