Promoting LGBTI Tolerance in Prison: The Hardest Challenge

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Photo by Krytofr via Flickr

For gays and other LBGTI inmates, prison authorities are the most important allies. In one Washington State facility, zero-tolerance policies towards harassment are making significant inroads against the culture of “hyper-masculinity” behind bars.
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One thought on “Promoting LGBTI Tolerance in Prison: The Hardest Challenge

  1. Great article…the federal office I work for is trying to help juvenile facilities become more diverse and tolerant to LGBTQI-GNC issues and their special considerations. It is always a good thing when you have the administration on your side. Ensure you keep working with your external stakeholders too; like other pro-LGBT and human rights organizations to keep the momentum going. I also wanted to comment on PREA, yes the federal gov’t does provide incentives to states that implement such standards, but it is truly the actors on the local level that make it successful. PREA effectiveness is only as strong as the persons that are implementing the law. The regulations are expansive, but the financial support is constricted. With that being said, I think PREA is great tool, but there is probably a lot more people in the WA system better aware of LGBTI issues in your state and are pro-actively making adjustments where they can to address this population in addition to those PREA reqs. Keep writing and educating the public and our governments, great article!

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