You Choose: Which Criminal Justice Stories (and People) Mattered in 2016?

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The Crime Report launches its sixth annual ranking of the year’s most significant criminal justice stories and newsmakers. Tell us your choices.

What were the most significant criminal justice stories and trends in the U.S. during 2016?

Which person had the most significant impact?

For The Crime Report’s sixth annual Year-End Review, TCR staff, columnists and contributors have prepared a preliminary list of the news stories or developments that, in our collective judgment, have had a critical impact on the criminal justice landscape this year—and will likely continue to resonate during 2017.

We’ve also identified a handful of “newsmakers” whose work or actions during 2016 were especially impactful.

Now we’d like to hear from you.

Since our readers are among the nation’s thought leaders in the criminal justice world—journalists, academics, practitioners, advocates—the results of our annual survey have special weight.

We think it is a constructive way of putting a complicated and often troubling year into perspective (pretty much what we try to do for each day’s news in TCR)—and we hope you agree.

Below are 15 stories/developments we’ve identified as candidates for our “Top Ten” criminal justice stories of 2016. We’ve added a brief rationale for each.

Please check up to ten.

Feel free to tell us why you made your choices. We’ll be happy to publish a selection of the best comments (anonymously if you prefer).

Similarly, please choose up to two newsmakers from the second list who you believe had a major impact on the U.S. criminal justice system in 2016, and/or will bear watching in 2017.

Picking a newsmaker does not, of course, mean you endorse his/her views or actions. TCR’s Newsmaker of the Year is a recognition of that person’s impact—for good or ill—on criminal justice in 2016.

We wanted to keep the list manageable. Inevitably, some issues, newsmakers or developments that may be on your priority list are missing here. So we’ve left space for a “write-in” ballot, where you can add a story or person you think we’ve overlooked. If enough readers join you, your choice might make the final cut!

Please send in your replies by midnight Eastern Standard Time tomorrow (Tuesday, December 20. The final results will be published later this week

Just to refresh your memory, here are the top ten stories and top newsmakers who made TCR’s year-end list for 2015.

We look forward to hearing from you!

One thought on “You Choose: Which Criminal Justice Stories (and People) Mattered in 2016?

  1. Newsrooms don’t employ as many reporters as in the past. Other than local crime reports, most crime commentary in New Mexico appears in editorials and opinions calling for tougher laws, including reinstatement of the death penalty here, even though law enforcement experts don’t regard the death penalty as a deterrent. The Albuquerque Journal co-sponsored a forum this fall on high use of heroin and opiodes in the state, and frequently covers our severe drug and crime problems.

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