Memo to Trump: Add Drug Courts to Your Anti-Crime Strategy

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Marchers at Michigan Celebrarte Recovery Palooza Sept 2014. Photo by Sacred Heart via Flickr

During the last campaign, Donald Trump promised to address drug addiction by expanding access to treatment and providing incentives for states to use drug courts and mandatory treatment programs. That’s one election promise he should fulfill.
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3 thoughts on “Memo to Trump: Add Drug Courts to Your Anti-Crime Strategy

  1. These diversionary programs are simply scams to enrich prosecutors and private treatment providers through a labyrinth of fines and fees. It sweeps people into years of obligations with guarantees neither of eliminating a criminal record nor of curing addiction. What would you rather do – two years of soul-crushing weekly group meetings or a month in jail? Defendants would be better off using their scarce funds for competent lawyers who can get their records sealed or expunged.

    • I agree, the “evidence” cited by drug court supporters is weak (mostly anecdotal) or non-existent. They are a huge expenditure of money and resources better spend providing people with accesible, including inexpensive, and voluntary treatment.

  2. Since these courts are only as effective as the treatment they provide the LAST thing Trump should do is more Drug Courts. Trump says he is going to get rid of the ACA (or as he calls it Obama care) which means that there will be no treatment available, or at least, none that regular (non-billionaires) can afford. Mandating people into bad or nonexistent treatment will make the opioid epidemic much worse, and land people struggling with addictions in cycles of criminal justice involvement that they can’t escape. Drug Courts are already terrible – Drug Courts without ACA will be downright criminal.

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