One thought on “Chicago Murder Count Hits 701, Highest in Two Decades

  1. Murder in Chicago, especially among teenagers has no easy answers. There are so many moving parts that it’s hard to know where to start. The family structure is fractured and often non-existent. Men are missing from the lives of boys. School performance is abysmal. Proper nutrition is inadequate. Peer pressure is relentless. Hopeless for success outside the neighborhoods is at an all-time high. The clear rate for a homicide is 2o percent increasing the number of kids who kill more than once. CPD officers are reluctant to join or intervene in a firefight for fear of making career ending mistakes. And finally there is a populace that has grown numb to the killing. So, where to start? That’s the question that is so hard to answer. It’s a vexing problem that is not going away.

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