A Justice Challenge for Trump: Mental Health & Drugs

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Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

A national coalition today asked the new Congress and President-elect to support a "comprehensive" plan for helping justice-involved individuals suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues. The proposal included federal aid for training cops and corrections officers, and continued Medicaid coverage after release from prison.
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2 thoughts on “A Justice Challenge for Trump: Mental Health & Drugs

  1. There is no treatment in the USA for mental illness and drug addiction/alcoholism…it’s all absolutely worthless “How do you feel?” circle group therapy nonsense, handfuls of toxic meds that don’t work, and mandatory “Jesus Saves” & 12-Step religious AA/NA cult insanity….

    • Unless you want help you cant be helped but the groups do have a lot to offer and I believe we should focus on that type of thing along with love and more positive attitudes. Those work for a lot of people so we cannot rule those out. We must add to. Talk to addicts in recovery. That’s where most of your best information is lying in. -Daphne D. Wallis Mississippi mental health advocate -AngelWater Solutions …The Company Founder is a recovering drug addict, striving mom of 4 and mental health specialist.

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