California’s Kamala Harris: An Emerging Voice for Reform?

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Kamala Harris. Photo by InSapphoWeTrust via Flickr

For justice reformers, the news isn't all depressing. California's former Attorney General will take her community policing approach to the Senate, and "tough on crime" DAs around the country have lost their races to reform-minded contenders.
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4 thoughts on “California’s Kamala Harris: An Emerging Voice for Reform?

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  2. I think your faith in Kamala Harris as a reformer is misguided. Her office has steered clear of doing anything about the Orange county snitch scandal, and insisted on backing the verdict on the Baca case after a snitch and prosecutor perjured themselves until the 9th circuit promised them a smack down.

  3. She is the opposite of a reformer. She aggressively supports capital punishment, has nothing to say on indigent defense, and is on the wrong side of every major case in the state including Baca. She is just a prosecutor, and like many of her kind, a politically ambitious one. If this is the face of reform, things are far worse than I thought after the election.

  4. The two commentators above are absolutely correct in their assessments of Kamala Harris. She is anything but a criminal justice reformer and is grossly unqualified for a position in the U.S. Senate.

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