Gun Sales Soaring As Many Buyers Fear Clinton Election

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Firearms sales are soaring across the U.S. in the lead up to Election Day, NPR reports. Gun shop owners and firearm manufacturers are pointing to election-related angst as the cause. The FBI processed more than 2.3 million background checks last month. Those background checks are often the best available measure for gun sales. This was the most ever for the month of October and about 350,000 checks more than the same time last year. Many people are interested in semiautomatic rifles. One gun store owner says people are buying “thee AR-15 [or] the AR-10 because they’re afraid these are going to go away, so they are buying these guns.”

One gun store worker compared it to the run on Twinkies when it was announced that Hostess was going out of business. People want what they think they won’t be able to have. Fueling that angst in California is a 34-page initiative on the ballot tomorrow with new gun regulations and a series of already passed gun laws that are going into effect later this year. Some people also fear that Supreme Court justices who could be appointed if Hillary Clinton is elected president will restrict Second Amendment rights.


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