IN Boy Imprisoned at 12 for Killing May Be Out Soon

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Paul Gingerich, who entered prison at 12 for his role in killing a friend’s stepfather and who has spent nearly six years locked up, could be returned home soon to live with his mother, the Indianapolis Star reports. Gingerich will remain under electronic monitoring through April 2020, and on probation for 10 years after that, but his stay in prison could end in February after a judge modified his sentence Friday. Gingerich, who is believed to be the youngest person in Indiana ever sentenced as an adult, went to jail in 2010 as a scrawny sixth-grader with a baby face. He appeared in court still with the baby face but, at 18, standing 6 feet tall and with broad shoulders. He read a statement about his remorse for his role in the 2010 death of Phil Danner, and his voice was shaky.

“I know I committed a truly horrible crime and I am sorry for that,” Gingerich said. “I will never stop being sorry and I know sorry will never be enough.” Danner’s sister and daughter asked Judge James Heuer to give Gingerich an extended stay in an adult prison. Based on Heuer’s sentence, Gingerich could spend as little as three months in an adult jail, and then join a re-entry program where he would live with his mother for a year under what essentially is house arrest, monitored via an ankle bracelet. At a juvenile correctional facility,where he’s been housed for 5½ years, Gingerich earned a high school diploma, held a job, served as a mentor to other offenders and went through “moral recognition therapy” that attempts to help young offenders consider moral implications of the choices they make.

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