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  1. “The whole purpose is to try to get prosecutors ethically and professionally up to speed—that’s at the core of everything.”
    How will retraining in “ethics” correct the real problems Americans are facing all across this Nation? The states need convictions even if the accused is innocent – and they DO NOT care.
    Because each of the 50 states needs to:
    . “solve” another of their voluminous, burdensome, overwhelming cases quickly, conveniently, cost effectively (i.e., without proper and thorough investigation);
    .silence (shut ’em up) victims/victims’ families – duping them in the process;
    . quell the concerns of communities – duping them in the process;
    .assure the general public (however falsely) “justice has been served,” “we got our man” – duping them in the process;
    .keep the wheels of “justice” spinning economically, and with the least amount of labor, resources, time and energy expended — at anyone’s expense but their own. The easiest prey is most efficient and effective. (AMERICANS — PARTICULARLY THOSE WHO CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY FOR AUTHENTIC LEGAL REPRESENTATION — ARE DISPOSABLE!)
    .fill the beds in prisons for profit;
    .do a favor for a crony;
    .get a “win” – another notch in their belts;
    .get a promotion (albeit, unearned);
    .silence a whistle blower or perceived enemy of the state or one or two of its public officials, agents, agencies, assigns and other employees;
    .keep the paid brethren defense lawyers in business – retainer after retainer after retainer- and who then coerce their own clients to plead “guilty” (something the accused could have done for free) 95—98% of the time; and
    . ETC.

    These issues (and then some) are not “ethics” concerns. (Although being amoral or seriously lacking personal integrity and ethics are most helpful to effectively participate in the organization.) The problems are systemic. The courts and the legal system in the United States of America have been repurposed for the benefit of the legal industry at large and for whatever is in the best interests of the state, their agents/agencies. (The brethren in congress assure them of immunity; as do Bar Associations across the Country.) The legal brethren are the tyrants the Founders warned about, and they have been controlling, overseeing and operating their practices and the U.S. legal system like bullies for decades.

    Ethics? Not even close.

    (PS – It is a given, not all lawyers are bad guys – except to the extent they remain silent out of fear of retaliation and retribution. They need to be courageous and speak out with the rest of us putting our lives on the line. Our lives matter – as do our licenses, our reputations, our careers, our families, our freedoms, our rights, our livelihoods. It will be most helpful if reform truly gets its start from within the organization.)

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