Clinton, Trump Clash on Stop-and-Frisk, Agree On Gun Issue

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In first presidential debate, Donald Trump asserts that New York City's stop-and-frisk practices helped bring the murder total down sharply. Hillary Clinton disagreed, saying stop-and-frisk was "ineffective." The candidates agreed on one issue: preventing people on the airline terrorist watch list from being able to buy guns.
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One thought on “Clinton, Trump Clash on Stop-and-Frisk, Agree On Gun Issue

  1. The debate was a frothy and contentious event, and no campaign issue has been
    defined or settled. The American society has various social classes, various ethnic groups, and various racial minorities. How do a candidate for U.S. president satisfy the interest of most voters within those groups to compose a majority vote and be elected? By babbling their answers in those presidential debates, to give the impression to any group of those voters that they would be the beneficiaries. The debate last night was like a run-away train, with moderator Lester Holt giving each candidate 2 minutes to answer his question on the subject matter, and then not only let the candidates babble for 5 minutes or so, but also allowed them to squabble among themselves for 5 minuets or so! When the retired NBC news anchorman, Tom Brokaw, moderated presidential debates, he scolded condidates if they kept talking after their minutes, telling them: “Excuse me gentlemen. We have red, yellow and green lights flashing here you are supposed to obey!” (Green for talk; yellow prepare and finish your statement, and red mean stop!)

    My take on the debate? Squabblish, spilling on subjects outside the question asked, and tit-for-tat verbal pummeling among the candidates about their personalities, their taxes, and their qualifications to be president! What a shame, both to Lester Holt and to them! I hope the moderator in the second October 8, 2016 presidential candidates debate have a gavel, pound it, as well as interrupt the candidates when they start babbling or turn the debate into a person-to-person witch-hunt! I have watched presidential debates for 40 years, and this is the worst in memory! Nikos Retsos, retired professor, Chicago

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