5 thoughts on “Prosecutors: Reform Is Up to You

  1. They also need to address the mental problems inmates have, to which they ( the guards) make it worse in many horrific ways. Alot of inmates need anti depressants/ anti anxiety meds to stabilize them; when they get out, they should be provided with counseling. I think this would then reduce the recidivism rate, and in addition to provide job skills. There’s so much abuse in prison that it drives inmates crazy, and suicide. Maybe they should screen the guards before hiring them, I’ll bet alot have many issues which causes them to take it out on inmates!

  2. Prosecutors aren’t going to change until society and politics change. They are about the win record because that garnishes them the vote. The general public’s attitude won’t change until they are educated. Until my son become one of the statistics, I was one of the general public voting for punishment rather than rehabilitation.

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