One thought on “Obama Starts 11th-Hour Drive on Prescription Drug Abuse

  1. Drugs “found near body” is not a toxicology report. You cannot benefit from Kratom by having it near your body. Anyone having it has been through something incredibly difficult. My sister jumped off a cliff and died – on purpose. We didn’t blame the stuff she had on her house or in her car. It’s society. Nobody recognizes or validates mental illness, or physical pain. Blame it on the lack of effective western meds and society frowning on those suffering. Stigma and misinformation has caused – in part – lack of health for many. Having Kratom in your room when you commit suicide does NOT mean the death was caused by it. Blame your TV set, blame cellphones (my sister took hers over the cliff, maybe cell phones are dangerous and addictive.)
    So sorry to hear of loss of a loved one. Not facing what really was going on is your choice. Kratom on property is clearly THERE because that person wished to feel better, legally. It clearly didn’t in this case. If I die tomorrow, I will have Kratom on my property.
    Kratom does not induce suicide. Write me personally if you’d like to find out what REALLY causes suicides. Look at the SSRI’s every mass shooter is taking. Instead, they want to ban guns. I have lost two family members to suicide. The third one lived, but remains on serious medication for the remainder of his life. There are reasons people commit suicide. Kratom is not toxic, PERIOD. People have tried to abuse it, and over time, become addicted. But they are blaming THEIR ACTIONS on a plant! Nobody shoves plant leaves down their throat. They have the disease of addiction, which can apply to ANYTHING done in excess. See Google for addiction. It is when using ANYTHING, gambling, shopping, drugs, etc disrupt your life, family, etc. My story of suicide survival is proof. I have the same disease, addiction, and I use Kratom for very real pain and brain activity improvement, mostly to battle depression. The ones NOT TRYING it are the ones dying. It’s not a miracle cure, of anything, either. I’m sorry about the grief and loss you are all suffering. Regardless of the cause. Mistakenly blaming a plant before toxicology is done is simply, not helpful. So sorry, again. Sincerely, Laurie

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