Bratton: Police Change Must Come ‘From Within’

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New York’s departing top cop says effective reforms will get nowhere unless the nation’s police leadership makes it happen. “This is a time of great opportunity,” said Bill Bratton who is ending a four-decade career as one of the country's most influential police managers this week.
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3 thoughts on “Bratton: Police Change Must Come ‘From Within’

  1. I hear what Bratton is saying, but I for one am glad he is stepping back. His theory was misused and I refuse to consider it anymore than a racist policy to clean up areas that were “broken” through zero-tolerance and over policing populations that were put into disadvantaged social positions. This systems mentality is racist, sexist, and patriarchical in nature. His hypothesis is outdated, same with his mentality towards policing. You need crime prevention through social development that uses positive programming, which is outreached to vulnerable populations. Police can be a partner in this collaborative approach that is more community oriented. Change must come through public consultation and academics who study evidence-based research- like Problem-oriented and community policing, not within a blue wall. Of course some input is needed from the front line police officers who put their lives on the line everyday to protect the community and increase community safety.

  2. I like Bratton’s statement that policing has improved itself more than any other entity in society. Sidestepping the competitive claim, IMO, this American institution has collectively put significant effort into determining what works, what doesn’t and what’s needed.

    Due to numerous factors, changes in policing are not obvious to those outside the police agencies themselves. Part of that comes from the institution not being as open to the outside as it needs to be.

    During our present focus on policing in America, as conducted by the media, I am struck by what seems obvious: policing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Policing is a facet of American society that is in the front lines of every social problem we experience. Who you going to call ? Many factors have contributed to the problems our country faces today. The problem is not the police. The problems have an infinite amount of sources upon which we can all agree and disagree. Policing in America is not the problem though we can always improve. The police are merely the people who have agreed to attempt to be firm, fair, and consistent in maintaining order while we address or ignore those problems.

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