Hawaii’s Judge Alm Taking HOPE Program To D.C.

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Steve Alm, the Judge who started the successful program aimed at reducing recidivism for drug offenders will become a consultant to states, Congress and the U.S. Justice Department. Research has shown that participants in his program were 72 percent less likely to test positive for drugs.
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One thought on “Hawaii’s Judge Alm Taking HOPE Program To D.C.

  1. HOPE probation is a self promoted program relying on illegalities from one judge in Hawaii bullying the legal system with the blessing of criminal attorneys and the help of the State Attorney General office. The statistics from these biased data were exploited by one(!) academic group which is not even composed of criminologists but faculties from a very mediocre school of Public Policy. “Judge”
    Alm is asking probationers to take responsability for their acts while he told a criminal lawyer “it is illegal but if you do not complain about it, I will do it.”
    Issues and crimes about HOPE probation have been reported on the Fabebook page:

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