Community Policing: Where Do We Go From Here?

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Police officer at Children's Festival in North Charles, SC. Photo by Ryan Johnson via Flickr

New approaches to an old and much-criticized strategy are taking shape in police forces around the U.S. Supporters hope they can deflect skeptics on both sides of the police-community divide.
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2 thoughts on “Community Policing: Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. Very insightful piece. I think most of us take community policing at face value, and fail to see or attempt to measure the actual benefits of COP.

  2. Decriminalizing certain minor crimes and offenses is not the best approach to Community Policing. Although doing so would reduce the amount of incarcerations, there are more efficient ways of implementing Community Policing. For example, dividing larger precincts into smaller geographical units, such as New York’s Police Department did with their Neighborhood Coordination Program, would be an excellent start. The implementation of dedicated beat COPS also seems like a step in the right direction for Community Policing. When it comes to Community Policing there is no right or wrong answer, just trial and error.

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