Can the Next President Match Obama’s Record of Clemency?

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Obama promised to use executive clemency as a tool to undo harsh prison sentences that resulted from the “tough on crime” era of federal drug prosecutions. But with plea bargaining increasingly replacing trials, presidential pardons may be even rarer in the years ahead.
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4 thoughts on “Can the Next President Match Obama’s Record of Clemency?

  1. Many observers of national government have long regarded the Bureau of Prisons as being the worst federal agency, surpassing even TSA. BOP, however, is not conceptually void. It’s obdurate practices support high recidivism and protect jobs in the well paying federal bureaucracy. Further, BOP serves as a model for state institutions elevating punishment over rehabilitation. Bringing someone outside of BOP to lead it, as proposed by a group of law school professors, is a wise, hopeful proposal akin to appointing a civilian to head the Department of Defense.

  2. I must praise PRES OBAMA FOR the clemency releases .My Son has sent his information to the proper places,Hopefully there is a fair procest because he is eligible and meets all the criteria ,I am soon to be 81 and need him home with me He has 3 children and 3grand childre He is in FCI Englewood Littleton Co 10899-085 I really need him.please Pres Obama release. My son Keith Peer Thank you Vivian Lind 7206859164

  3. my 9 month old and 2 year old little boys have been with out their father for almost 9 months,do they not see this will be on them NC there making our future,and as of right now all their doing by not hurrying an changing the law is messing more then just the inmates future up and not just the wives gf,etc…it’s the children growing up without their parent bestfriend.the one that is supposed to be there no matter if a problem happened fix it not just get put away for long period of time.please save our future our children’s lives.

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