Reporter ‘Drained From Chasing Incessant Violence’

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After almost three years of covering Chicago crime on the overnight shift for the Chicago Tribune, “I still feel drained from the work of chasing incessant violence. Drained from going from shooting to shooting to shooting. Drained from enduring the mind-numbing silence of a slow night only to be jolted awake, adrenaline on, into full chase mode,” Peter Nickeas writes in Chicago Magazine.

Describing one crime aftermath he witnessed, Nickeas said, “There was something about the whole scene that night that drained the life out of me. Maybe it was the man who collapsed; I have a younger brother who served and struggles with illness and stress. Maybe it was because this was my 500th or 600th shooting scene in three years. Maybe it was seeing cops and bystanders milling around the edges of the scene, looking calm, as if this had become their norm. Everyone a little damaged.”


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