NYC Rikers Guards Applaud As Officer Is Arrested

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Guards at New York City’s Rikers Island jail complex are so disgusted with the rampant corruption going on within their ranks that some “stood and applauded” when another officer was arrested during roll call last week, a city official said yesterday, the New York Post reports. Department of Investigations Commissioner Mark Peters recounted the scene on a radio show, noting that the latest staffer bust, which involved a female guard allegedly smuggling contraband, was the thirty-second involving a guard or other employee in the past 18 months. “We arrested her during roll call one morning [last] week, and as we took her out of roll call in front of other officers in handcuffs, a bunch of the other officers stood and applauded,” Peters said. “So I think people are getting the message that this culture of smuggling and violence has to end.”

Peters said the officer who was arrested last Monday, Mey Lim, 34, had “basically been taking bribes to smuggle drugs and narcotics into Rikers.” He said she was among scores of correction workers recently arrested “for various incidents of violence and contraband smuggling.” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said, “The defendant’s alleged actions to circumvent the rules not only soiled the badge she wore and brought dishonor to her profession, but she made her fellow corrections officers’ jobs that much tougher.” Peters said corrupt Rikers workers will continue to be busted as a warning to others, and added that “more than just arresting folks,” his agency was encouraging “a cultural change at Rikers.” A spokeswoman said the agency “has also issued public reports focused on the need for improved screening for contraband and hiring procedures. These efforts have led to drug-sniffing dogs at staff entrances and a strengthening of hiring procedures.’’


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