2 thoughts on “The Death Penalty and Hillary

  1. Someday, fact checking will be in vogue, again.

    I hope.

    The 156 “exonerated” from death row is just a very well known fraud, originating with the 69 number from 1997.

    Anti death penalty folks just redefined both “innocent” and “exonerated” and stuck a bunch of cases into those fraudulent definitions.

    The Innocent Frauds: Standard Anti Death Penalty Strategy

  2. When you only interview anti death penalty folks, you get an . . . anti death penalty article.

    In rebuttal to what was stated in the article:

    White murderers are twice as likely to be executed as are black murderers

    56% of those executed are white, 35% black

    For the White–Black comparisons, the Black level is 12.7 times greater than the White level for homicide, 15.6 times greater for robbery, 6.7 times greater for rape, and 4.5 times greater for aggravated assault.

    For the Hispanic- White comparison, the Hispanic level is 4.0 times greater than the White level for homicide, 3.8 times greater for robbery, 2.8 times greater for rape, and 2.3 times greater for aggravated assault.

    For the Hispanic–Black comparison, the Black level is 3.1 times greater than the Hispanic level for homicide, 4.1 times greater for robbery, 2.4 times greater for rape, and 1.9 times greater for aggravated assault.

    As robbery/murder is, by far, the most common death penalty eligible murder, the multiples will be even greater.

    From 1977-2012, white death row murderers have been executed at a rate 41% higher than are black death row murderers, 19.3% vs 13.7%, respectively. ( Table 12, Executions and other dispositions of inmates sentenced to death, by race and Hispanic origin, 1977–2012, Capital Punishment 2012, Bureau of Justice Statistics, last edited 11/3/14)

    “There is no race of the offender / victim effect at either the decision to advance a case to penalty hearing or the decision to sentence a defendant to death given a penalty hearing.”



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