Families in Fear

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Defense attorney Keith Halpern (back to camera) hugs Lee Chiero’s sister after Chiero was found not guilty by reason of insanity. (Photo by Ken McGagh/Metrowest Daily News)

Few have paid a higher price for the nation’s mental health crisis than the loved ones of severely mentally ill people.
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One thought on “Families in Fear

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    Darlene Bobich Patrick • a day ago

    This hits so close to home, I cried. People never really understand when you tell them that you cannot have your homeless child living with you because you are afraid of them. You call crisis and you called the police but because your loved one can pull it together for six minutes they can get no help. The shortage of psychiatric beds is a tragedy. The most ill are forced into prison or onto the streets. People need a bed instead. #aBedInstead

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