California Gun Activists Vow To Defy New Laws Signed By Gov. Brown

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About 50 gun activists gathered Saturday in Sacramento to protest Gov. Jerry Brown’s signing of six gun control measures they said would turn “law-abiding citizens into criminals,” the Sacramento Bee reports.

One bill Brown signed will expand the state’s assault weapons ban to include “bullet-button” rifles, which allow users to dislodge a magazine of ammunition quickly by pressing a button. Others prohibit citizens from possessing magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and require background checks on people purchasing ammunition. These stricter measures come as pressure grows to do something to rein in the proliferation of guns after a string of mass shootings, including one last month that left 49 people dead in a Florida gay nightclub.

The Sacramento protesters hoisted a banner that listed the bills signed by Brown, next to the phrase: “WE WILL NOT COMPLY.” Cory Gwathney, a co-organizer of the protest, said the initial goal was to prevent Brown from signing the bills but because the laws were signed before the protest, the activists changed their message to one of noncompliance. Gwathney said it’s unlikely people will register their bullet-button rifles or turn in their large-capacity magazines as the laws require. People have invested thousands of dollars in bullet-button rifles, ammunition and magazines, Gwathney said, joking that his guns are his 401(k) plan. Jorge Riley, president of the Sacramento chapter of the conservative California Republic Assembly organization, said a lawsuit should be filed to contest the laws.


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