Focus On Traumatic Childhood Helps Victims Heal and Succeed

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Tamra Oman, 45, from Fond du Lac, Wis. trains others in how to use trauma-informed care. Oman, who experienced a variety of traumatic experiences in her youth, says the approach helped her heal. Oman was photographed on April 22, 2016, outside the East Madison Community Center in Madison, Wis.



The daughter of an alcoholic and abusive father, Tamra Oman remembers trying to protect her mother from his violent outbursts, even though she was not yet in kindergarten.

“I remember him choking her over the sink. Spitting out blood. Blooding coming out all over the place and landing on me,” Oman said, recounting one incident in her early childhood in Crown Point, Indiana. “I remember going into this situation trying to save her. Trying to jump on top . . .

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